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I support the FairTax!
Find out why.

The Americans for Fair Taxation website and The FairTax Book do an excellent job of detailing the benefits of the FairTax, including the elimination of federal income and payroll taxes and the abolishment of the IRS. In my own words, here are some other things I like about it and one thing I don't.

  • It is transparent. Politicians and lobbyists can no longer manipulate the tax code behind our backs to favor one group over another.
  • It is progressive. Taxpayers at or below the poverty line pay no tax, and the burdern increases from there as income (manifested in the form of retail spending) increases.
  • It creates a distinct operating advantage for American companies in the global economy and encourages investment and job creation in this country rather than abroad.
  • Since it taxes consumption, it succeeds in taxing wealth however it was obtained. That which was obtained illicitly (e.g., by criminals) does not escape.
  • It discourages illegal immigration, since only legal citizens will receive the "prebate" that offsets the sales tax spent on necessities. Undocumented residents will not be eligible.

There is one thing I donít like about the FairTax, but I feel that it is an acceptable cost that is far outweighed by the benefits. Namely, accumulated wealth that has already been taxed under the current system will be taxed again when it is spent at retail by a consumer. As I said, I feel that this is a small price to pay for such monumental gain.
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