Thanks for visiting my web site. Please enjoy my diverse set of offerings.
Index Logo The exclusive publication of The Scheifele NFL Index. The Index is a software system of my own design that numerically rates the NFL football teams and predicts the outcome of each week's games.
Jack of Diamonds Queen of Spades
Internet Pinochle. The Game, as it is affectionately called by those who play it, started as a client-server Windows application but is now a web application available on GameBuffet.com! Four humans can play double-deck, auction-bid, cutthroat Pinochle in real-time right in their browser. If you like to play Pinochle, check this out.
SudokuBuster Logo Sudoku Buster is a Sudoku puzzle solver that I wrote for fun. It started out as a klunky ol' DOS program, and then I converted it to a Windows application and published it here. The latest incarnation is a web-based application. Puzzles are solved and animated right on the web page. No download required!
Tumblin' Dice The Million Monkeys Internet Search Engine™ is an innovative and addicting (but perhaps a bit inefficient) way to search the Internet. Can a million monkeys outperform Google?
Demos for Descent and Descent 2. They show how I handled some of the more difficult portions and solved some of the more interesting puzzles of both games.
DVD Logo Some helpful hints for DVD authoring. Right now, this is just an exposition on "bit budgeting." In this age of Blu-ray and UHD Blu-ray, this may seem dated, but the concepts are equally applicable to those new formats.
Water Skiing Action My Water Skiing Page shows the current and historical water temperature of the Delaware river near where we water ski.
U.S. Flag My FairTax Page outlines the reasons why I like and support the FairTax. If you don't know anything about it, I strongly encourage you to learn more!