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Welcome and thanks for visiting my website! As you can see, I have a rather diverse selection of offerings. Please enjoy your stay.

  • The exclusive publication of The Scheifele NFL Index. The Index is a software system of my own design that numerically rates the NFL football teams and predicts the outcome of each week's games.
  • Sudoku Buster. This is a Sudoku solver that I wrote for fun. It started out as a klunky ol' DOS program, but by request, I turned it into a Windows application. It turned out well enough that I decided to make it available here.
  • Demos for Descent and Descent 2. They show how I handled some of the more difficult portions of both games and solved some of the more difficult and interesting puzzles.
  • Internet Pinochle. The Game, as it is affectionately called by those who play it, is a Windows application that permits four humans to play double-deck, auction-bid, cutthroat Pinochle over the Internet. If you like to play Pinochle, check this out.
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